The Mysore diary, #1 (ENG)

 On the road to Mysore!

This is my third time in India, but my very first time in Mysore. I have been procrastinating this journey for God knows how many years – thinking my practice was not good enough, or that I was going to quit Ashtanga sooner or later, or that I would wait till I found somebody to come with me. Unless I finally realized that there is no such thing as a perfect practice, or rather that I have nothing to prove to anybody – let alone my judging self – that almost 20 years down the line I am still practicing, and that the only other person that I should go with is well, me. So here I am at my first pit stop, stranded at Abu Dhabi airport waiting for my connect flight to Bangalore.
Do I have expectations? Yes and no. I do expect to meet a lot of friends I made over years practicing everywhere in the world – London, Miami, Paris, New York, Ibiza, Los Angeles – you name it. I do expect to walk emotionally in The Shala in Mysore where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois taught the system to so many of my teachers. I do not expect to come back walking on my fingertips or with any particular new physical skill. But maybe,I hope to find like-minded souls who I can talk to about what this practice is about, what is it that keeps us hooked in the quest for spiritual liberation. Here I am sitting in one of this airport cafes, where probably so many students like me passed by, waiting to reach Mysore. I am curious to feel the magic of India once more, and if you want to follow me on this journey, keep checking my page every now and then.
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