The Mysore Diary, #2 (ENG)

There are so many things to say about Mysore that is really difficult to find a starting point. Practice with Saraswathi and her assistants is lovely. The Shala is clean and welcoming. You practice the closing postures in a bedroom so it really feels home. She assists everybody, it feels like she assess everybody’s energy during drop backs. You can feel her Eyes on you all the time! Every shop or coffee place is in a house, so you always feel like you are visiting friends. A very nice atmosphere everywhere. It’s clear that all we Westerners looking for a more approachable spirituality have brought some well being so it’s India, but softer than elsewhere… Although traditions are well alive. Tank tops and shorts are possible only during pratice, the Ganesh temple you walk by going to the Shala is always attended and last night a small, colorful procession was coming down the Main Road. At 8 pm everybody is home, practice starts early and rest is needed: we are all practicing with more intensity here! At the main Shala this morning I saw a few very popular teachers – David Robson, Mark Robberds, Day… I met Greg Nardi and Tim Feldmann yesterday and the wonderful Susanna Finocchi told me she read my blog! I feel blessed! Tonight I am going to a tibetan bells meditation, really looking forward to it. Wondering how many other lovely experiences are waiting for me over The next month!

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