The Mysore Diary, #3 (ENG)

I have been here since Wednesday and I already feel at home. I had read a lot of good and bad things about the Ashtangis community in Mysore, but my overall impression is amazing. First, the quality of Saraswathi’s teaching never stops to surprise me. This lady has stamina and she always gives an extra. Today it was Led Primary and I found it incredibly helpful in reminding us students of the correct Vinyasa especially in closing asanas. We all tend to go fast on these when at home, already projecting ourselves towards our daily chores: here we are reminded of the importance to wind down and take our time to meditate. Saraswathi made us sit in Padmasana a bit longer experiencing some Pranayama, and made us chant a bit more, which was really nice. We don’t give enough time to Bhakti in our practices while devotion should become more important as we age. Practicing in the main Shala is a beautiful experience, the energy of so many yogis is there and it kind of influences our own. I keep thinking that we are coming here to find a connection with God that we are losing in our perfectly organized western homes.
I feel the main Shala is a temple where our bodies become vehicles of our souls. I dedicated my practice today to my family’s wellbeing. I wonder what Indians really think of us. They are all very friendly and patient with our hurried attitude! After practice, there are lots of things to do. Having garments made with fabrics of your choice is incredibly fast and cheap. I’ll show you my designs when ready on Tuesday! Also don’t forget to have a Mala made at Silver Nest: another fab lady realizing beautiful jewellery at very affordable prices. Have breakfast at Anhoki or Santosha, great food and lovely places to hang out. More on my next post! Now it’s time to take some rest, have a good read, and maybe a little nap!
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